Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to Build the Ship, Instead of Just Navigating It – Becoming a Successful Web Designer

By now, pretty much everybody knows how internet works and what its advantages are. It has taken the world by storm so much and it plays such a vital role in our lives that the attention of the youngsters pretty much turns to everything computer-related. More and more people strive for an online IT Degree or an online computer science degree – it’s enough to see that ‘computer’ in the title, to wake up their interest. Since computers incorporate the world of the internet, it’s normal that the internet benefits from the same high interest regarding the jobs in this field and one job of a particular interest is the web design.

We surf hundreds of internet pages every day and sometimes we are in awe of how great some websites are, in terms of appearance. Don’t we love those complex websites with flash animation, with clever drop-down menus or with eye-popping colors? Creating appealing websites is what a web designer has to do. Besides, he must use his vision to create great layouts and banners, so that the people stay on that page for more than 3 seconds.

A successful web designer has to be a HTML and a CSS expert in the first place. He has to know how to work in PHP, in MySQL, only to name a few. Once you master these things, you are ready to become a professional. Prepare a portfolio with some of your best work and be ready to surprise employers in a pleasant way.

Becoming a professional (and successful!) web designer is more than creating nice web pages with are in concordance with what the customer wants. After all, you might have your own vision and you might give suggestions on how a webpage should look, but the client has the final word and unless you want to do a job twice, you better do it right from the first time. Web designers have direct contact with the clients, since they are responsible of getting contracts. They have to be very good at creating layouts and apart from that, they have to know how to promote their oeuvre, so that it attracts visitors.

It’s a job which requires a certain natural talent, because first and foremost, the websites have to be aesthetically beautiful, but apart from that, you also need great skills and precision, because one wrong line and you have to go back and correct your mistakes and if you’re not a coding expert, it might take you ages to figure out what did you do wrong. If you do your job well and you are offered important contracts, you’ll get an enormous satisfaction when you’ll see people surfing on the websites which you designed!

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