Sunday, November 6, 2011

Consider Becoming a Multimedia Artist if You Have a Passion for Working with Designs and Animation

Of course, there is more to a multimedia artist than combining sounds and images. Practically, a multimedia artist is like a painter who instead of painting on a canvas, paints into the computer itself. That painting however, is anything but static: it moves around from left to right, from right to left, up and down. A multimedia artist can create the world of our dreams – or his, and he can fill this world with colorful, intriguing characters. They can be humanlike, they can be animals or they can be undefined.

A multimedia artist has a huge creative freedom. He can start from scratch and practically make each character as one of his own. While there are still a few animators out there who draw by hand, a technique which I really admire, most of them are multimedia artists who use the computer to animate their characters. They set up everything, from eye movements till full body movements, practically making the characters theirs in their entirety. Apart from everything which has been already mentioned, they can also take care of the sound mixing part, the storyboards and the special effects. Is there anything that a multimedia artist can’t do?

Really, if it’s not one of the best jobs in the world, it’s definitely up there. Having the chance to work with some of the most famous animated studios, that is something. We all grew up with animated movies and we all wished to be part of that world. How cool is it to create that world yourself, regardless if we are talking about movies or games?

However, becoming a multimedia artist isn’t as easy as A-B-C. There are some requirements, of course. First, it’s much recommended to have an online computer science degree and enough knowledge that would allow you to become a software developer. Also, why not, you could also develop your drawing skills, because those storyboards won’t draw themselves. Being a multimedia requires talent, passion and dedication – just like any job, in fact. But because of its complexity, you’re required to have talent in more than one field – or at least be a very fast learner.

Also, prepare mentally for possible back pains – you will have to spend an awful lot of time on the chair in front of that computer. As they say, art requires sacrifices. Be creative, be hardworking and in the end it’ll pay off. You might give us the next Buzz Light-year or the next Super Mario!

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