Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How Graphic Design Impacts Internet Marketing

When most people think about graphic design, they think about advertisements and business logos. They don't always jump to the thought of web design. A lot of graphic designers find work in web design, and their work has a big impact on the way that internet marketers go about their jobs. An internet marketer is a person in charge of promoting a website, and that line of work may seem like it has nothing to do with graphic design. The two fields are more connected than you think. Here is a look at how graphic design impacts search engine optimization so you can see the sheer significance of this multimedia career.

User Experience

The way users move about the site impacts how long they stay in a site. If it is not designed for convenient use, people are going to move onto other websites that they can easily move through. Internet marketers have to develop their web content so that it uses the design in the best way possible. They have to reference menu bars and buttons that graphic designers put in place on a page. Every color and image that a designer puts on a page impacts the way users experience the function of the site, more so than you may think.

Loading Times

Have you ever left a site just because it took forever for all of the graphics to show up? Of course you have. We all have. A good graphic designer knows how to balance great images with quick loading times so that users can see what they need right from the start. Sites with slow image loading times actually get bumped down on Google and other search engines, which is something that most people don't realize. This has a huge impact on the internet marketing for a site. Designers must employ a process called photo optimization in order to get a site to load as quickly and effectively as possible. Otherwise internet marketers have no hope of keeping people on a site.

Image Development

The work that a graphic designer does on a website sets the tone for the business as a whole. It creates an image that people associate with the site, and that image is something that internet marketers have to work around. If the site is designed to look like a fun place to be, internet marketers have to reach out to fun-loving audiences. If they market to FBI agents who are looking for a serious, professional business, they are never going to draw in the right audience. Internet marketers and graphic designers have to work together as a team to establish the image for a business. This is harder to do than most people think.


You may not have noticed the impact that graphic design has on internet marketing, but it influences everything that surrounds it. Web writers have to work around it. Marketers have to work around it. Customer service reps have to work around it. Everyone has to work around whatever the designer puts on the page. If you want to be a graphic designer in the future, you have to be ready to take on all of that responsibility. It is not something that everyone can handle. With the right motivation though, you should have no trouble getting through this career by making a positive influence on the marketers you work with.

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